Revlists: Your crowd-sourced tasking application.

What can you do with Revlists?

Revlists is an application that allows you to create a public task list. These lists, created by you and others, are called Revlists. Users can follow your RevList. You can follow the RevLists of others. Once following a RevList, you can view, select and complete suggested tasks.

Create Your Own RevList

Create a task list that others can follow and select tasks from. What can these tasks be? The possibilities are endless.

Create tasks to:

  • Support your organization or cause
  • Support your city
  • Help others improve or learn
  • Promote events
  • Provide goals to your group or club (think book club, sports team or quiz team)
  • Help grow your brand

Follow Revlists From Others

Follow Revlists created by others to select and complete suggested tasks.